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Marlborough Primary School

Our Staff

Position/Class Specified Responsibilities
 Mrs Gill Headteacher Staffing, Premises & Safeguarding
 Mrs McKeever Deputy Head of School Teaching & Learning & Inclusion
 Mrs Stringer Assistant Head of School KS2 Overview, PSHE
 Miss Thethi Assistant Head of School  English
 Miss Heap Assistant Head of School KS1 Overview, Science
 Mrs Young Assistant Head of School Mathematics
 Ms Quinn School Business Manager HR, Finance, Premises

Early Years Foundation Stage Teachers

Miss Dewhurst Nursery/Rainbow
Mrs Qureshi Cherry
Miss MacNeil Scarlet
Miss Peet  Red

 Key Stage 1 Teachers

Miss Bui Amber
Mrs Lines/Ms Khan Orange
Miss Heap/Mrs Foote Saffron
Miss McCulloch Gold
Mrs Cooke/Ms Easten Yellow
Miss Chana  Lemon

Key Stage 2 Teachers 

Mrs Stringer Emerald
Ms Hai Green
Mrs Maloney


Mrs Young


Miss Page Turquoise
Miss Dias


Miss Withanachi


Miss Pellegrini Pink
Miss Khan Magenta
Miss Thethi/Mr Ryan Mauve
Mrs Perez-Diaz


Miss Jaffar


Inclusion Team

Mrs McKeever SENCO
Mrs Currie SEND Administrator
Miss Dar SEN Teacher
Ms Burdett SEN Teacher

Additional & Specialist Teachers

Mrs Lord Music
Mr Ohene Physical Education
Mrs Malik Religious Education

Support Staff

Mrs Avnaim Higher Level Teacher Assistant
Mrs Bracey Higher Level Teacher Assistant
Mrs Kapoor Higher Level Teacher Assistant
Mrs McAllister Higher Level Teacher Assistant
Mrs Metani Higher Level Teacher Assistant
Mr O'Farrell Higher Level Teacher Assistant
Mrs Panesar Higher Level Teacher Assistant
Mrs Bennett Teacher Assistant
Ms Boulton Teacher Assistant
Mrs Ghag Teacher Assistant
Mrs Hume Teacher Assistant
Mrs Jackeviciene Teacher Assistant
Miss Kinga Teacher Assistant
Mrs Windows Teacher Assistant
Ms Aden Learning Support Assistant
Mrs Anderson Learning Support Assistant
Mrs Aziz Learning Support Assistant
Mr Beal Learning Support Assistant
Mrs Bemmer Learning Support Assistant
Ms Clifton Learning Support Assistant

Mrs Dennis

Learning Support Assistant

Ms Dreling

Learning Support Assistant
Ms Goddard Learning Support Assistant
Ms Hafeez Learning Support Assistant
Mrs Husain Learning Support Assistant
Mrs Lucas Learning Support Assistant
Ms Malhi Learning Support Assistant
Mrs Matthews Learning Support Assistant
Miss Moreno Learning Support Assistant
Mrs Perez-Diaz Learning Support Assistant
Miss Sharpe Learning Support Assistant
Mrs Youcef Learning Support Assistant

Marlborough Community Centre

Mrs Currie Extended Schools - Co-ordinator/Manager

Administrative Staff

Mrs Quinn School Business Manager
Mrs Qureshi Data Manager/Financial Administrator
Ms Rees Receptionist/Administrative Assistant
Mrs Larby Senior School Administrator

 Welfare Staff

Mrs Meale Welfare & Attendance Officer

Premises Staff

Mr Morrell Site Manager


Mr Curtis IT Manager

School Meals Supervisory Assistants

Mrs Perez-Diaz Lead Supervisor
Mrs Akalonu SMSA
Ms Aman SMSA
Mrs Amini SMSA
Mrs Anderson SMSA
Mr Beal SMSA
Ms Clifton SMSA
Ms Dreling SMSA
Mrs Drubhra SMSA
Mrs Ghag SMSA
Miss Goddard SMSA
Miss Goddard SMSA
Ms Haji SMSA
Mrs Holmes-Gwillim SMSA
Mrs Jackeviciene SMSA
Mrs Khan SMSA
Ms Knight SMSA
Mrs Lakehenpaul SMSA
Ms Martin SMSA
Miss Moreno SMSA
Mr Prucnal SMSA
Mrs Sangha SMSA
Ms Youcef SMSA

Marlborough Minders Before & Aftercare

Mrs Anderson
Ms Clifton
Mrs Ghag
Miss Goddard
Mrs Jackeviciene
Mrs Lakhenpaul
Mrs Lucas
Miss Moreno
Mrs Perez-Diaz
Ms Sohotey