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Marlborough Primary School

Headteacher's Welcome

I am proud to be the Headteacher at Marlborough Primary.

Everybody remembers their time at school and for us it is certain that our staff and children enjoy coming to school. We are a welcoming, supportive and well-established community school. We set high ambitions for all children and work in close partnership with all families.

At Marlborough, we strive for academic success and high levels of achievement. We are proud to be an inclusive school where we work together to engage, motivate, support and challenge our pupils to become successful life-long learners.

Our curriculum is designed to foster interest and enjoyment, we inspire our children with a broad and clearly sequenced curriculum, equipping them with the knowledge and skills they need to reach their full potential. We provide our children with enrichment opportunities promoting activities to enhance music, art, and sport and community projects to build on skills to thrive, develop confidence and contribute to society.

Children at Marlborough embrace their learning and they know how to conduct themselves. We challenge our more practised learners with appropriately challenging learning experiences to enable them to flourish and inclusive practice ensures the needs of our most vulnerable pupils are met with high quality provision.

Furthermore, at Marlborough we promote mutual respect and core values of kindness, resilience, integrity and curiosity. It is important to us that our children learn to take responsibility and know to think for themselves. We teach our children to make appropriate choices and consider the negative influences they face as children in today’s challenging world.

We appreciate that a primary school forms the hub of the local community and take this responsibility seriously.

Mrs Kam Gill